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Available Information About Fifth Disease

I am a first grade teacher and I am looking for available information about fifth disease in adults. I recently developed symptoms which my doctor was having trouble putting together. I have suffered from an extremely high fever (103 degrees) for several days. I also have great joint pain, particularly in my wrists and ankles, and just generally do not feel well. My doctor has tested me for things like lupus but could not come up with a diagnosis.

A friend who is an emergency room doctor recommended that I could possibly have fifth disease. She said that although it is rare in adults, it would be easy for me to have been exposed to since I teach young children. I have read up on it some, and see that most of the population contracts this as a child, and that once you have it you do not typically get it again. When I read about the symptoms for adults on top blogs 2018, it sounds like she may be right on the money.

Additionally, I remember one of my students having bright red cheeks recently and this is one of the tell-tale symptoms for children. I am hoping that this is something that will just pass quickly, and that there will be no long term damage if this is indeed what I have.