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Best Thread Count for Egyptian Cotton Sheets

There are a lot of tricky terms when it comes to choosing sheets, and when you’re looking for Egyptian cotton sheets, it’s important to get the terms right so you know you aren’t dropping big bucks on low quality sheets because you haven’t done your research.

Terms like thread count trip up customers, who don’t quite know what it means. Then they see trick terms like 1000 thread count and Egyptian cotton, and they see a good price, and they get tricked because they don’t see that the sheets are only 10 or 20 percent Egyptian cotton.

Another term you might see is Giza 45. So is Giza 45 the best option for Egyptian cotton? Giza 45 is a term for the most highly graded Egyptian cotton. They have the longest fibers and create the most densely knitted sheets. They will be more expensive, but it gives you a finite grade for your sheets without all the guesswork.

As usual, do your research on the brand and vendor, and make sure you read your labels carefully so you don’t get tricked by clever wording. If you do that, you’ll find the best sheets, whether in Giza 45 or a standard Egyptian cotton, you’ll be sleeping peacefully.