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In online buying there are hidden costs that some sites add in their pricing. One case is the shipping charges. You may see cheaper priced items but the shipping cost is so high. At times it is even higher than the price of the item itself. In such cases, it is best to check the items and review the cost if you want to purchase. Presently there are more sites that offer free shipping for purchases reaching a certain amount like the 30% off site wide + free shipping over $75 offer at Khol’s. So if your item only cost lower you need to get at least two or three of those. Another option is to get other items together with such purchase so that the price will go beyond $75. So buy a dress, pair of shoes or a bag just to get the free shipping.

In case you just want to buy specifically that item then choose the store site nearest you, It will help in reducing the shipping cost. Note that there are other stores that have a ruling that within a certain area all purchases are given free shipping. Since at Kohl the offer of 30% off sitewide + free shipping over $75 means that such discount is also given to the Kohl’s store nearest you.

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