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Top 5 Cities for Ocean Lovers

Life’s a beach as they say. There is nothing more enjoyable than living in cities that have fine beaches to satisfy your love of the ocean. If you are a swimmer, a surfer or just a plain beach bum you will surely love to find out the top cities that have great ocean views. From the ultra-modern cities with utmost sophistication or just a plain seaside resort; these places will give you cities and you can have the ocean, too.


Dubai’s Jeremiah Beach

Jumeriah Beach is Dubai’s bet for the best city for ocean lovers. Its claim to fame is having the Bur Al Arab which is touted as a seven-star hotel. The Jeremiah Beach Hotel rise above the sand and the warm turquoise waters is perfect amid the soft white sand of the Arabian Gulf. The Dubai city government has been using the blue flag system to tell beach users that the waters are safe and healthy for bathing. This came about as the expansion caused the beach waters to be contaminated by raw sewage.

Sydney’s Bondi Beach

Perhaps the most popular beach south of the equator is Sydney’s Bondi Beach. Bondi Beach has become synonymous with Sydney’s beach life and has become popular to both locals and foreign tourists. The beach is having a length of about a kilometer long where it is lined with surf shops, restaurants, cafes and bars that are accessible along its promenade. Sharks? The beach has an underwater shark net to shield swimmers from potential shark attacks. However, there has been a single shark attack recorded in 80 years.

Cape Town’s Clifton Beach

Clifton Beach is the friendliest of all beaches that the West Atlantic side can offer. This beach is easily accessible from the center of Cape Town and is only ten minutes away. The beach is actually a series of four beach heads that is being separated by a series of granite boulders. The beach features a white sand beach front and a stunning view of the sunset and sunrise. The water is sparkling blue and quite chilly that is why it is best to be at the beach during summer.

Los Angeles’s Venice Beach

Venice Beachside from the Lakers, Venice Beach is one of the places that make this great city of Los Angeles famous the world over. This three-mile beach is only one of the attractions that make this beach a wonderful spot to visit. People would not only swim at the beach but also walk, stroll and just bathe in the sun. The beach is also a regular habitué of bodybuilders during the ‘70s.

Ipanema Beach Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro’s Ipanema Beach Ipanema gained prominence when it became part of a song. It is proud to feature miles of white sand and two prominent mountains known as the Does Irma’s on the west side. The beach tends to become too crowded during weekends and holidays.

With hundreds of fantastic beaches across the globe, these are just a handful to consider. The next time you want to plan a trip or a weekend getaway, consider the top five noted above!